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Our company Double Tiger Tea makes a good choice to tea connoisseurs.

since 1999

Double Tiger Tea is a synonym of premium tea with its consistence quality, flavour and aroma in its every cup. today company stands with its 54 distributors and lakhs of loyal customers.

Company started its journey in 1999 with aspects of providing best quality tea to tea lovers of Gujarat and India. Main objective of company is never lose your customers trust at any cost. Company takes its place in market with years of hard work and now leading in rural as well as urban market of Gujarat.

Company also believes to cover all people across the society with widest range of its product. We offer the exotic product range of Double Tiger Tea, Tahuko Tea & Majani Tea.

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Life is like a cup of tea, it's all in how you make it.

About Us

Every brand emerges with some unique purpose of delivering best to their consumers. Similarly, We “ Trusha Tea Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (Double Tiger Tea Group) ” started our journey in 1999 with the purpose of delivering extra ordinary quality of tea with consistency throughout a year.

The business started in single room without any high-tech equipment or further knowledge about the market. At that time there was only one desire to make the best quality tea.

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